Using the 1700A Single Myofibril System Tips and Tricks

Using the 1700A Single Myofibril System Tips and Tricks

The 1700A unmarried myofibril device (once in a while called the ‘Penguin’) is typically used to research the energetic and passive residences of unmarried myofibrils. TThis gadget allows researchers to examine the thick and thin filaments within the most pure device possible. However, the myofibrils are tiny and relying at the sort of myofibrils examined will produce contractile forces which can be a fragment of a micro newton.

Any small idiosyncrasies can motive a big artifact while measuring contractile fore. This weblog is supposed to offer a few useful records to enhance the first-rate of your measurements and growth experimental throughput.

Select the proper glue for the job

Attaching myofibrils may be very just like attaching permeabilized myocytes and the adhesives used for myofibrils are similar, or in lots of instances identical, to the ones used for myocytes. Please see our suggestions and hints weblog for the 1600A device for greater records approximately those adhesives.

However, it’s miles feasible to connect those myofibrils with out the usage of any adhesive in any respect truly via electrostatic interplay among tissue and glass microneedles. This commonly calls for that the tooling be polished for great adhesion residences however gives an opportunity to cleansing the tooling after every utility with glue. Sharpened microneedles had been used to pierce the myofibril, however this isn’t always feasible for each ends of the device because the AFM cantilever can not be bodily sharpened.

Figure 1: Myofibril connected with out glue to AFM and piezo motor probe. Harris Lab at the University of Arizona provided this image.

Optimizing Calibration units you up for success

Force measurements made with the device are primarily based totally on dimension of deflected mild of a conjugated laser which displays off a refined AFM chip. Thus, if the laser is centered on extraordinary spots at the AFM chip, the quantity of deflected mild will fluctuate and a regular degree of pressure among extraordinary myofibrils will now no longer be feasible. There are numerous strategies with a view to assist the person optimize now no longer best the importance of the sign however additionally the repeatability.

Make use of the 820A XYZ movement controller

Many researchers who’ve enjoy operating with tooling connected to motorized micropositioners are used to creating guide modifications of function both thru joystick or keypad. Those with enough enjoy can adeptly navigate the probes/tooling quick and as it should be use them to connect to a pattern. However, setting the tooling returned withinside the precise calibration spot in 3-d area after navigating to choose up a myofibril calls for a degree of knowledge that few can attain manually. The 820A XYZ movement controller presents a method of remembering diverse factors in 3-d area which with a precision of less than 1um, the individual can return at their leisure.

Additionally, the movement controller has a software program interface this is absolutely included with the facts acquisition software program. It permits moves of very specific magnitudes to be made that is beneficial for quality modifications and sensitive operations including pattern attachment.


Since we’ve the cappotential to make specific moves of the micropositioners, we need to attempt to optimize the relative function of the AFM cantilever in 3-d area. The focal factor of the conjugated laser spot is ready to be about 500-600um from the face of the optical periscope. To set this distance we need to consciousness on the lowest fringe of the optical periscope and use a decrease powered goal to set the cantilever distance from it. This distance may be without difficulty measured with the covered HSVL software program. The length of person myofibrils commonly calls for a completely excessive powered goal for use which will visualize clearly, which commonly way a small FOV. It can assist to have the periscope withinside the FOV for reference, however This may need altering the laser’s focus distance within the 470A sensor head. Please communicate with Aurora Scientific immediately approximately customizing this distance primarily based totally at the wishes of your current microscope.

            Figure 2: Optical Periscope and AFM tooling proven collectively via microscope eyepieces

Make the most of the suit and modelling equipment included in the 600A calibration software.

To gain a stiffness fee for the AFM cantilever we have to bodily bend it and degree the alternate in sign. This is great performed with the aid of using positioning the probe tip of the 340A piezo motor in touch with the AFM. As the AFM is sensitive and it’s miles tough to decide the precise factor of precise touch among the 2 probes, it can be fantastic to test with the variety of steps the piezo motor will take and their person length. You may additionally come across surprising quantities of non-linearity withinside the sign with appreciate to cantilever deflection. This is typically because of loss of touch among the piezo motor probe and the AFM. However, to salvage the calibration those factors can be in any other case unnoticed of the linear suit. (See discern 3 & 4).

                                        Figure 3: Non-linearity in stepwise calibration.

                                           Figure 4: Non-linearities eliminated with calibration editor

Use the Live Monitors to make quality modifications in sign importance

We have already visible how the 820A XYZ positioner coupled with the visible remarks of the HVSL digital digicam can substantially help in facilitating specific, relative positioning. However, quality modifications of pondered mild may be tuned with the aid of using tracking the At the same time as applying quality changes to the function, a sum sign within the stay is shown. For instance, we are able to circulate the AFM in small steps toward and farfar from the optical periscope and reveal the Sum sign to discover the factor at which it peaks. Increments of 5-10um could make an affordable distinction to sign importance.

Additionally, it may be tough to recognize the precise function of the centered laser spot at the AFM chip itself. Since the diameter of the laser spot (even at its ideal focal factor) remains fantastically big in comparison to the width and usual length of the AFM chip, small moves of the AFM facet to facet and up and down are the best manner to decide if the middle of the spot is absolutely at the flexing arm of the AFM itself. Partially focusing immediate at the arm and frame collectively, or having the laser spot off middle from the AFM will nevertheless yield a alternate in sign, however its importance can be a long way beneath choicest and an adjustment of tens of microns with the help of the stay reveal might also additionally enhance the sign significantly.

                             Figure 5: Incremental moves of some microns affecting the importance of the sign.

1700A – Myofibril System

The 1700A gadget is handiest capable of paintings with unmarried myofibrils, aleven though those can be from both skeletal or cardiac muscle. As that is the smallest contractile unit of muscle it offers a without a doubt natural gadget for research of contractile mechanics, which gives a massive gain for research of the myofilament. Experiments are much like the ones carried out with the 1400A and 1600A systems, however, pressure-speed can be difficult due to how small the significance of contractile pressure can be. Sarcomere spacing can also be measured with this gadget.

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