suzuki swift price in pakistan 2022 model

suzuki swift price in pakistan 2022 model


 Launch Date 

February    2022

        Engine limit                              Horsepower limit                             Torque limit                                   Mileage limit          

        1000CC                                               83-98 hp                                                115-140 nm                               14-16 km/L

What’s Brand New

Suzuki Swift 4th new Generation is now available in Pakistan. Pak Suzuki Motors has set the launch date for March 22, 2022. The greatest vehicle in a lightweight class body will come from the Heart Tech design. In comparison to the previous generation, the 4th generation has an entirely new design, making it a pre-facelift car in Pakistan. Suzuki introduces its new model, which features a new design, interior, exterior, and engine, to make a complete comeback in the market.


Suzuki Swift New 1000cc Model 2022 Price In Pakistan, specs, debut date, and reviews are all being updated. Suzuki, one of Pakistan’s largest automobile manufacturers, will introduce several new features in the all-new Suzuki Swift 2022 model. One of the most significant changes is the switch from a 1300cc engine to a 1000cc engine. Let’s take a look back at Swift’s past. Without a doubt! This model has been one of Suzuki’s most popular models all over the world. They have been delivering the identical type for fast fans since 2010. But they were sick of witnessing the same thing over and over again.
The Swift, like the Honda City, came with the same features.specifications throughout time However, the company’s attitude toward the production of named vehicles has shifted recently. Yes! We congratulate all Swift fans, as they will soon be able to experience the all-new Suzuki Swift 1000cc model 2022, which will be released in Pakistan. Stay on this page if you want the most recent information on this product. We will provide you with regular corporate updates here. Scroll down for additional information and specs.

Interior new model

The appealing inside of the new Suzuki Swift 2022 models will give rival hatchbacks a run for their money, with silver paint coating on the centre console, gearbox, and steering wheel to elevate the aesthetic. A speedometer with a TFT display, as well as several other conveniences, are included in the inside.

Exterior new model

The new Suzuki Swift 4th new generation model will be mostly same, with a few tweaks that will make it a more appealing hatchback.Automobile projectors have been upgraded with LED headlights, LED taillamps, and LED DRLs for a more luxurious look. The 2019 Suzuki Swift will be more daring and sporty than previous versions.

Specifications for the engine and others

Suzuki Swift 2022 has a strong engine with several engine combinations. It comes with a 1300cc engine and is available in both Automatic and DLX versions. Electronic brake force distribution is also included. The gasoline tank has a capacity of 37 litres.

Review of the New Suzuki Swift 1000cc

This is the most elaborate discussion of the New Suzuki Swift 1000cc review in the Pakistani local market. Without a doubt, the automobile is crammed with high-end specifications and amenities. As you can see from its stats and characteristics, its colour variety and engine power are equally impressive. But there’s a catch: it’s quite expensive. The previous model could be purchased for between 20 and 22 lacs. However, this option would cost up to 25 lacs, which is quite exorbitant and inconvenient for the clientele. If the firm wants to make it a successful version, we recommend that they double-check the price. What are your thoughts on the new Suzuki Swift 1000cc model’s pricing in Pakistan for 2022?

Suzuki Swift Price Predictions in Pakistan

       MODEL                                          PRICE

                        Suzuki Swift 2022                                                         pkr 2,700,000

                  Suzuki Swift DLX Automatic 1.3 Navigation 1328cc,                                            pkr 2,210,000

              Automatic , Petrol 202                                                                       

                                                       Manual, Petrol 2022                                                           pkr   2,203,000              

Additional Specifications.


Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX 2022 Features

there is an air conditioner

there is a CD player.
Cup holders are available.
 there is an AM/FM radio station.

Remote Fuel Lid/Boot

Suzuki Swift’s Additional Features

Warning System Electronic Parking Auto Hold Emergency Braking
Hands-Free Connectivity with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology Steering-Wheel-Mounted Audio and Hands-Free Phone Buttons
6-Speaker Audio System with USB 2.1 Charger Port on a 5′′ Touch-Screen      Suzuki Swift Customer Reviews

Suzuki Swift Customer Reviews

A long history of very inventive security features
Panels are simple to handle.
Feature of a relaxing trip
Great gasoline, but it’s brittle.
This year’s sophisticated tiny Suzuki Swift automobile changed the structure, providing this generally experienced but clouded simple Swift a much-needed boost. The new Suzuki Swift provided a significant amount of intelligence without sacrificing the exceptional quali ties of simplicity and effectiveness for which it is recognised.


Customers will find some exceptional features and specs for the Suzuki Swift in this post. Suzuki Swift has numerous fantastic and distinctive characteristics, since the automobile was designed by Suzuki Motors to provide its devoted customers with an endless driving experience. People who like to drive a compact, modern automobile will have a great time driving this vehicle.

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