pop culture 2022 trends

pop culture 2022 trends

pop culture 2022 Here are the top six trends we anticipate to see in the coming year, ranging from analogue experience to podcasters becoming the new influencers.
We live in an era where culture is defined not simply by our physical and digital selves, but by a unique fusion of the two. In every aspect of our life, the line between where one stops and the other begins is blurring. Taking a peek forward to 2022 to see where popular culture is heading is a fascinating exercise.
But, I suppose, that’s part of the joy. So, here are my predictions for the coming year’s six trends.

Top 6 pop culture trends 2022

1. Wellness and mindfulness will not be an afterthought. It will be crucial to our generation’s functioning.

We’ll practically wear our thoughts on our sleeves. What we eat, wear, listen to, and all other aspects of popular culture will reflect not just how we want the world to view us, but also how we feel on the inside. Wellness and mindfulness will be at the centre of popular culture on all levels (and drive the next set of business opportunities).

2. Regional music, television shows, and films will continue to dominate.

A fascinating statistic painted a picture of 2022 for us. Punjabi music accounted for nine of the top 10 music tracks on Apple Music India in 2021. .(With the exception of Baadshah’s Jugnu, in which the two Bollywood tunes were originally independent Punjabi tracks),

Furthermore, the rising popularity of regional shows and films on video streaming services has created a peculiar predicament that will only become worse. What used to be deemed regional material is now considered national/mainstream. Its acceptance has reached parity and, in some respects, is expanding beyond the mainstream. In 2022, this curve will continue to rise.

3. Creators are now superstars in their own right, and their work will influence celebrity culture.

Creators are extending their reach beyond merely having online clout. As the creator economy grows, more people are becoming entrepreneurs, creating digital and physical things that appeal to a specific audience.
The worlds of creator and celebrity will merge even more in 2022, forcing every creative to consolidatethe apparatus that surrounds them in order to create and monetize their content and fan base. However, encourage conventional superstars to follow the Creator’s lead and start acting more like creators.

4. Music has evolved into a completely communal experience.

Music is increasingly dictated by how we consume and distribute it on the internet. The TikTok/reel’isation of music is, in fact, how chartbusters are made, and this will also affect how we listen and watch music.

5. Podcasters will have a large effect on the general public.

Podcasters who have been steadily increasing their relevance and viewership over the previous few years will become more well-known. This will be due to increased audience acceptance of the medium as well as the penetration of regional and specialised content.

They will be able to develop a growing environment around them, comparable to what popular creators have had around them, as technologies to monetise and scale grow.


6. Analogue is a wonderful alternative.

Physical books, wired earbuds, and other analogue experiences are becoming increasingly popular. As the metaverse becomes more widespread, this number will continue to climb. It’ll be a cool alternative to the metaverse’s promise.

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