amazon in pakistan

amazon in pakistan


The business adviser also shared a statement from Amazon Vice President of International Seller Services Eric Broussard, who indicated that Pakistani entrepreneurs are now qualified to sell on the site.

Dawood had previously stated in May that the administration has been in contact with Amazon since last year. “This is a fantastic chance for our students, small businesses, and female entrepreneurs.” “”Many people from all across the world collaborated to achieve a major milestone in e-commerce regulation,” he had added.Official sources informed Dawn that Amazon’s decision to register Pakistani businesses was the result of the commerce ministry’s and Pakistan’s embassies in Washington and Los Angeles working together. With the assistance of the Pakistani embassy in Washington, a pilot initiative was undertaken.

The significant difference after being included to the sellers’ list, according to the sources, would be that Pakistani organisations, including Pakistani banks, would be able to create IDs using their Pakistani data. Small and medium He went on to say that he wanted to assist businesses connect with clients all around the world.

The inclusion of Pakistan to Amazon’s seller list opens up prospects for exporters to sell their goods on the site. The platform supports brand owners with Amazon’s 3P model (third-party connection — retailers sell directly to customers through the marketplace), while mass manufacturers with Amazon’s 1P model (marketplace acts as retailer while brand is wholesale supplier) may create for Amazon brand products.

Some Pakistani businesses currently sell on Amazon from their abroad offices, but the country’s inclusion in the sellers’ list would expand the market for SMEs. According to reports, the move would help promote more businesses and give online customers access to Pakistani goods, which will now be available in all major countries through Amazon.
Textile, sports, leather, and medical items are the most popular Pakistani products on Amazon. Previously, Pakistani businesses had to register from offices outside the nation or make things for Amazon’s other brands.


Abdul Razak Dawood, the Commerce Advisor, stated in May that e-commerce giant Amazon has added Pakistan to its list of suppliers. One and a half months later, it has been officially announced that Pakistani businesses will be able to promote and sell their products on Amazon, with the first Amazon Fulfillment and Facilitation Centre (AFFC) due to open in Multan in the coming weeks.

It cannot be overstated that this may be a fantastic opportunity for Pakistanis. Amazon has approximately 300 million active users, with 90 million of them spending an average of $1,300 each year on the platform. For SME, young and women entrepreneurs, who are typically handicapped not only by a lack of finances, but also by a lack of experience,
Under this proposal, an Amazon warehouse will be built in GPO Multan, with Amazon centres with warehouses planned for Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Muzaffargarh, Sahiwal, and other districts in south Punjab in the future. The opening of facilities is a sign of progress and shows that the administration is committed to seeing this through. While this is a fantastic project, the government must guarantee that entrepreneurs profit appropriately from it and that there is no opportunity for exploitation of people or their skill, which is a legitimate concern when it comes to digital giants. The government must urge all businesses to take advantage of this opportunity and educate them on how to protect themselves from any potential abuse.

In Pakistan, how do you open an Amazon seller account?

Amazon is a biggest marketplace and retailer which deals in variety of goods including books, e-commerce, toys, clothes, electronics. It is an online platform where many international retailers either small or big gather and sell their products. Online retail means that there will be a lot of vendors selling variety of goods. Through this platform, a seller can present its good and reach to a mass audience. Amazon is a biggest e-commerce place generating revenue of $88 billion in only three months and still the revenue is increasing.
No one can presently challenge Amazon, but if someone wants to compete, they should become a third-party vendor on Amazon Marketplace. By going into Amazon with minimal concern about returns and shipping, you may expand your supply chain and explore unlimited possibilities.

Pakistan was just added to the Amazon list. Many merchants aren’t aware of the marketplace’s registration process. The following is a step-by-step tutorial to become an Amazon Marketplace vendor.

“The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is bringing a lot of Chinese investment into Pakistan, which will attract investors.” Both Alibaba and Amazon would be interested in Pakistan, which has a mobile phone penetration rate of 70% among its 220 million people.”

Furthermore, Amazon will not operate directly under its franchise brand; rather, it has a 33 percent ownership in through its holdings in souq, a Dubai-based online shopping business.

According to sources, Amazon plans to increase its investment in in order to have a stronger foothold in the industry. Alibaba will compete directly with Amazon if the deal between Alibaba and is inked.

It makes sense for Amazon to expand in these three countries: India, Dubai, and Pakistan.According to reports, it would enter numerous Asian nations as part of a new strategy to expand volume, improve sourcing, and minimise revenue flow dependency on a single region.

Overall, Amazon’s arrival into Pakistan will be a great success for Pakistan’s eCommerce sector. This would undoubtedly help us expand our online retail business.

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Despite Amazon’s ban on Pakistani merchants, they continue to find a way onto the marketplace.

These rejects, he continues, will be sold at a discount at a neighbouring market if they have flaws like broken zippers, missing pockets, or an erroneous size tag. The 100 or so jackets that passed quality check that day will be shipped to the port, where they will be shipped to an Amazon warehouse in the United States, where buyers can have them delivered in as little as a day.

Khan’s family firm, which sells coats under the Price Right brand, is one of several Pakistani businesses that sell on Amazon’s worldwide marketplace. However, while Amazon has amassed a substantial

Amazon Marketplace is home to millions of independent sellers who must supply banking information and other identifying information in order to sign up. Despite the fact that the majority of third-party sellers are from the United States and China, Amazon frequently advertises how it enables small companies from all over the world connect with their consumers. Although the software giant permits merchants with corporations registered in over 100 countries to sell items on its website, other countries, such as Iran and North Korea, are still barred.

Millions of independent sellers sell on Amazon Marketplace, and to sign up, they must provide banking information and other identifying information. Despite the fact that the majority of third-party sellers are from the United States and China, Amazon routinely promotes its ability to link small businesses from all over the world with their customers. Despite the fact that the software giant allows merchants with firms registered in over 100 countries to sell things on its website, Iran and North Korea are still forbidden.
There are so many illegitimate Amazon merchants in Pakistan that a small economy of gig workers has risen up to support them. Amazon Virtual Assistants (freelancers who help with anything from customer support to administrative responsibilities), fulfilment consultants, and web developers are among the people that work for the company. They congregate in Facebook groups called “Extreme Commerce” and “eCommerce by Enablers,” among others. Despite the fact that they serve clients from all over the world, the online freelancing marketplace Fiverr counts more Pakistanis than any other country as Amazon Virtual Assistants. Although comparable Amazon seller groups can be found all over the world, it’s astonishing that Pakistan’s support business has grown so large, given that Pakistani vendors are unable to utilise the e-commerce site officially.


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